IWORID 2002, Amsterdam 8-12 September

The Fourth International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors took place from 8 to 12 September 2002 at the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High-Energy Physics (NIKHEF) in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). NIKHEF is located, together with other scientific institutes and technological companies in the campus called "Amsterdam Science and Technology Centre" in the the south-east part of the city of Amsterdam.

Two other conferences were held in the same week with similar topics:
-The Pixel 2002 conference at the Carmel Mission Inn, Carmel, California, USA.
-The 6th Conference on Position Sensitive Detectors at the University of Leicester, UK.

You can contact the workshop at:

E-mail: iworid2002@nikhef.nl
WEB: http://www.iworid2002.nl

This workshop was sponsored by:

NIKHEF City of Amsterdam
Electronics Workbench (Naarden) Keithley Instruments (Gorinchem)
PANalytical (Almelo) Simac-Masic & TSS (Veldhoven)
Stichting Hoge Energiefysica Stichting Conferenties en Zomerscholen in de Kernfysica

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